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Privacy & Policy

This web page is property of Boltaña SA (Hotel Montevideo) and its affiliated companies. Before you make a reservation, we recommend that you read thoroughly all the information this web page contains and that you contact us in case of any doubt regarding the services, products, persons, reservation conditions, personal data, or any other matter, so that we can help you.

Boltaña SA (Hotel Montevideo), its associated companies, their shareholders, or directors, do not take any responsibility for the inadequate use of this web page and/or the information contained therein.

Neither is it responsible for the risks in general that the use of the Internet poses for its users as far as hardware, software or other equipment is concerned, or in respect of the information stored by the users in their own devices. Boltaña SA (Hotel Montevideo) recommends that great care be taken of the digital resources, Internet connections and the services researched or requested thereby, to reduce or eliminate the potential risks they entail (power failures, electronic support communication failures, data theft, malicious programs designed to cause harm or alter equipment functioning, computer viruses, etc.). In no case will Boltaña SA (Hotel Montevideo) be liable for damages that originate directly or indirectly from such risks, therefore the user who does not wish to assume this responsibility should take necessary measures to make his reservation by other available means that Boltaña SA (Hotel Montevideo) provides for those interested in its establishment that does not entail the use of the Internet, mainly in person.



This declaration concerning the agreement guidelines for personal data (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Policy”), is aimed at informing you as a visitor and/or user of our sites about the way in which we treat your Personal Information (as defined later), and about the various rights you have as far as our use of your Personal Information is concerned.

Boltaña SA (Hotel Montevideo) and/or its associated companies (hereinafter jointly or singly called “the company” and/or “us”) gathers and treats personal data according to the definition given hereinafter, in compliance with a legitimate interest, to offer personalized services and products, undertake pre-contract negotiations, comply with the services and products requested by our clients, carry out marketing activities, and decide on “company” general administration matters. In this sense and considering the proposed objective, Boltaña SA (Hotel Montevideo) declares that the data gathered through its Site will always be treated in such a way as to safeguard the protective aim that personal data protection establishes. The confidentiality of private communications between Boltaña SA (Hotel Montevideo) and its users implies the maintenance of information in files, Banks, or databases, so that access by users or simple third parties not authorized to do so, is restricted.

This policy may be modified periodically by “the company” to include the treatment of new issues as well as to reflect changes in our sites, any technologies used by us that may have an impact on the treatment of its information, or our attitude in respect of the use of the information gathered. At the appropriate time, we may add such changes to this policy as they occur, so that you may always have access to the information we collect, its use and the possibilities of eventually revealing or disclosing them to third parties in your case.


This “Privacy Policy” is applicable to all the sites and services that are the property and/or that can be operated or offered by Boltaña SA (Hotel Montevideo) (hereinafter “us”) and/or associated companies, and to any other site that we may own or operate at this time or in the future. This policy will not be applicable when you access other sites that are not the property or operated directly by “the company”, including when said sites are associated to “the company’s” Sites through hyperlinks, or any other type of link, be it telematic or not, in which case the owner of the data should inquire about the privacy policy of the companies or operators of such websites.


The information that “the company” handles is that which allows the personal individualization of the user, including the following data: full name, ID number, home address, email address, telephone number, gender, age, marital status, nationality, trade or profession, tax identification data, credit card data or other means of payment chosen by you, your preferences accessing the service, your profession or activity, preferences in relation to food and services (hereinafter the “Personal Information”). Personal Information may be required at our Sites to inquire about the availability of products or services, and/or provide you with the use of our sites, and/or obtain information, and/or participate in subscription registrations, access accounts, and/or in relation to any other activity, service or resource that we may provide on any of the Company Sites. In all these cases, we may only collect and store your Personal Information when you provide it voluntarily. In no case is the provision of Personal Information mandatory other than when it is an indispensable element in responding to our requirement in respect of contracting conditions, availability, estimates, reserves, use or enjoyment of agreed products or services. As a rule, when any Personal Data is required to use a service or access certain content, it is not mandatory to give it. In cases in which it is, an indication will be given specifically to indicate that it is data required to give the service or give access to the content, which means requiring your consent for all the objectives indicated in this Privacy Policy.


The aim of collecting data of a personal nature and its treatment is to satisfy a legitimate interest of “the company”, comply with legal obligations required of it, offer services and products requested by our clients, carry out marketing actions in respect of any of the products or services that “the company” offers currently or may offer in the future, carry out statistical work and take decisions on “company” general management matters. This includes the possibility of national or international data transfers.


The provision of express consent required at different phases that the operation of our sites foresees, as well as the introduction of personal data in the fields provided, implies your express consent to “the company” treating your personal data to the ends and to the extent that arises from this Privacy Policy. This implies the acceptance as well of all the terms contained in these Declarations, and in the General Conditions. This also implies consent for “the company”: to

Create its commercial profile based on the data it collects, to offer you personalized services based on this profile, even in automated form*.

Only transfer client data because of legal obligations, or to other companies of the group for administrative reasons or whenever necessary to provide the requested services, or to send them offers we consider will interest them, or with their previous consent.

Preserve the collected data during the term of the agreed relationship, and/or in any circumstances, during the legal terms and the time necessary to attend to possible responsibilities. The data treated with commercial, or marketing objectives will be preserved as long as you do not request that it be suppressed.

You may revoke your consent at any time, without it affecting the provision of services you may have requested. Your rights include that of accessing, editing, and suppressing the data, which you may carry out by writing to the following email address


We maintain reasonable safety, electronic and organization technical procedures to uphold the security of personal information and safeguard it against unauthorized or illegal processing and/or against accidental or illegal loss, alteration, or disclosure. Our safety procedures include contractual terms with contractors, agents or data processors that require that they protect the safety and confidentiality of personal information according to our standards. Although we strive to protect our personal information, we cannot guarantee the safety of the transmitted information. It is your responsibility to cooperate with said protection, protecting any electronic mail or password you may have created or used in relation to Boltaña SA (Hotel Montevideo) and any of our sites and advise us if you ever suspect that the safety and confidentiality of such email or password have been compromised in any way. You are the only person responsible for the use of your account through your email and password. We will maintain the personal information for the period required by applicable law, or for the time necessary for the purpose(s) described previously and even longer. If you provide us with your Personal Information, you accept that such Personal Information may be used to carry out the activities previously mentioned. Likewise, if you make yourself known to us by sending us an e-mail, we may request your Personal Information, or use it if available, to respond in a detailed manner to your e-mail, and in this case, to the request, you made in it. Finally, you accept that we may also have your Personal Information and/or any other data on file for future reference or discard this information partially or totally as well after we have made use of it. Once you send us your Personal Information, you expressly consent to “the company’s” use of it for internal and external marketing, as well as for promotional objectives.


The payment of services and products offered on this website is carried out through third-party sites. These sites are the property of and operated by third parties. These sites are not under our control and it is the user’s responsibility to be informed about their data use, contracts, and general conditions, assuming the risks implied.


To provide better service, we may send you messages in future to confirm your registration and/or about the state of your account and/or to inform you of changes to the terms and conditions of Boltaña SA (Hotel Montevideo) sites or about this Privacy Policy. Occasionally, we may send you email messages as well, to present a product, service, information, etc. that we consider may be of interest to the users of our Sites.


The owner of this personal data has the right to access it freely at intervals no lower than six months. In order to exercise your right to correct, change, access, eliminate, restrict or present objections to your personal information, or to eliminate your data entirely, or if you should decide to stop receiving the message service, you must inform us by way of an email to for us to comply with your request.


In compliance with our legal obligations, your Personal Information and/or any other type of specific information to which we have access about you either intentionally or by chance, and/or about your account, may be revealed to third parties in order to comply with legal procedures such as a search warrant, a summons, a court order, or the requirement of administrative authorities that could be considered valid under applicable law. Likewise, for our protection, yours and those of other users of Boltaña SA (Hotel Montevideo) Sites, your Personal Information may also be revealed in those cases that imply the existence of an attempt to breach the security of Boltaña SA (Hotel Montevideo) Sites, or of physical danger or threat against you, us, or third parties.


Bear in mind that the hotel does not guarantee that the use of this service is exempt from any risk to our privacy. Apart from the general risks that the use of Internet entails, in those cases in which you supply or broadcast your Personal Information by this method, such information could eventually be susceptible to some type of potentially harmful third-party interference, with or without your consent. Although “the company” makes its best effort to protect your privacy, we cannot guarantee the safety of the information that you broadcast or supply through said on-line communication methods, and by the same token, you reveal this information this way under your exclusive responsibility. The preceding considerations apply also if you make use of the company’s computers. Their use is only allowed under your exclusive responsibility.


Minors are not eligible to use any service on our Site by themselves, as they may not fully comprehend all the contractual stipulations of our Policy and its implications, nor decide validly about the options available to our adult users. For this reason, we urge all parents or representatives or adults who supervise the minors who access Boltaña SA (Hotel Montevideo) Sites to refrain from using it on their own.


The word “cookie” refers to a device or brand that allows the user’s individual preferences to be tracked, leading to a better experience when visiting our website, as this technology allows us to provide a personalized experience when browsing our site, without you having to remind us of your preferences every time you do so. This allows us to obtain information about the browser you use, the type of computer, its operating systems, and the Internet service providers. Eventually, we can share this statistical information with our partners, suppliers, advertisers, and third parties, but we will not share your Personal Information with such third parties without your consent. After you have revealed your personal information on the website, we will associate our identification number with your contact information to recognize you on a future visit. This also allows us to collect, trace information that seems to be of special interest to you. When you log on as a registered user, it is possible that our cookies will collect personal information for commercial reasons, to improve the operation of our website and achieve a more relevant and friendly content. We will not share the information related to our activity on our website, nor will we collect information from other websites you may visit. The aim for the use of the cookies can be classified as follows:

* For strictly necessary operations: Some cookies are strictly necessary for the operation of the website, or of online services, in such a way that if you decide to block them in the configuration of your browser, we cannot guarantee the ideal operation of our websites, or online services. This kind of cookies does not collect any type of information about you that can be used for commercial ends or to track your history of browsing on other websites, servers, or applications.

* To remember personal information: We use functional cookies to remember personal information such as the language you use, to improve our experience when visiting our website.

* Cookies are used anonymously for our website analysis and management, that is, without linking your PC to any person, to analyze the operation of our website, manage it, maintain it, and keep it updated. To evaluate the efficiency of our communications and send information that can be of interest to you, we obtain information on communications that you request, such as the occasions on which you have opened or resent an e-mail or have clicked on its content.

If you do not wish to accept cookies, you may block them adjusting the configuration of your Internet browser. Doing so could prevent you from benefitting from the advantages that your use represents according to the explanation above, and in the case of cookies which are strictly necessary for the website to operate correctly, browsing or operating the website could affect your experience adversely.